Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog

The new Club Penguin clothing catalog has lots of fun costumes that you can buy. There are a lot of good costumes in there and even some fun secret items that you can get by clicking on some of the things. Like if you click on one item it will show you a hidden one that's not even in the catalog!

Click the Jack O Lantern for the Red Viking Helmet
Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times to reveal the Blue Viking Helmet
The Gold Viking Helm has returned! Click the yellow puffle to reveal it.
Click the lighthouse in the upper left corner for the Scuba Mask
Click the Pink Flipper for the Mixed Bracelets
Click the Spikester Cuff for the Jade Necklace
Also, for the Secret Agent message in the newspaper go to page A10. On the word search click the letter in the bottom left hand corner, P-S-A to reveal the message.